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Photographing a photographer...

So, it is always such an honour to get asked to photograph another photographers family. It's also quite terrifying, lol. NO PRESSURE!!! Plus I got to travel back to Queenstown to do these photos, always a good excuse to head back and catch up with friends and family.

Of course the aim is just to have some fun, let the kids play, run off some energy, pull funny faces, jump on Dad, cuddle Mum and I guide the way and capture the bits in between. Having family photos done is meant to be fun and relaxed, not a chore.

When you just engage with your family and ignore me (most of the time) that's when the magic happens. Everyone hates having their photos taken, so you're not alone - just jump in feet first and enjoy the ride - you won't regret it. Go on, I dare you!!

Queenstown & Dunedin Family Photographer

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