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Q:  What is included for the $20?

A:  A 15 minute photo session plus a choice of 1 High Res Digital Image (suitable for sharing and printing).

Q:  What days and times do you have available for fundraising photos?

A:  Sessions take place between 9.30am - 12.30pm & 1 pm - 4.30pm (back to back) so 26 bookings can be made in a day and usually take place on Weekends.  You can choose to do one or two days, depending on how much interest you have.  I will need access to the building an hour either side of these times to allow for set up & pack down.  It is recommended that you have a volunteer on hand throughout the day to greet people and answer any questions that may crop up (but this isn't always necessary). 

Q:  Where do the sessions take place?

A:  At the organisations location or at a location provided by the organisation. A portable studio will be set up on location.  We can usually fit into most places and make it work.  

Q:  How do people book and pay?

A:  Lulla Bug Photography will do the bookings online, via the website and handle all the payments.  The organisation will receive a bulk amount a few weeks after the fundraiser, once each family has placed their order and we have tallied up the total amount including any commission from additional sales if the $1000 target is reached.  You will have access to the list of bookings via Google Drive, so you can see how the bookings are going. 

Q:  Who receives the $20 Session Fee?
A:  The full $20 is retained by the organisation raising funds.

Q:  Does the organisation get any commission from additional sales?

A:  If the additional sales exceed $1000 the organisation will receive 10% of the total sales.

Q:  Are you able to provide a digital flyer for the fundraising organisation?

A:  Yes, absolutely.  A flyer with dates, times, location etc. will be provided and your organisations logo can be added too, if you have one.  This will be provided in digital format for you print off and share online to promote your fundraiser.

Q:  What if families miss or can't make the session they have booked and paid for?

A:  If the time slot can be filled with another booking, then the family will get a refund.  If it can't be filled then they will forfeit the $20 which will be donated to the organistion.


Q:  How do people find a fundraiser to book in?
A:  Advertising directly through your organisation and social media is a great way to get bookings.  Lulla Bug Photography has an ever growing mailing list (that you can sign up to at the bottom of this page) so people who are signed up will get notice of your upcoming fundraiser.  Posts will also be made on the                                         

and a Facebook Event will be created to share in local online groups.   The more places and the more often you can share, the more bookings you will get.

Q:  Do we need allow another day for appointments so families can choose their photos?

A:  No.  Families will be able to choose their photo(s) via an online gallery that will be sent directly to their email address.  Additional products can be purchased directly from the online gallery. Families are welcome to pass on gallery details to any family members (e.g. Grandparents) so they can place their own order - making it so much easier than you having to go back and forth taking orders!

Q:  How long before the families get to see the photos?

A:  Online galleries will be ready within 3-4 weeks of the session date.  Everyone participating in your fundraiser will receive their gallery at the same time. An email will be sent out to each family advising of their gallery details.  A post will also be made on the                                                 once the galleries have been emailed out to let people know to check their emails. 

Q:  How do people receive their 'free' digital image?

A:  Once they have decided on their free digital image, they will need to send an email through to stating the file name of the chosen image.  The digital image will be emailed out within 48 hours.  Info will be set out to families with all the info they require.


Q:  What if families decide they would like more than one photo?
A:  They have the option to purchase more photos directly from their online gallery, should they wish but there is no obligation to do so. 

Q:  Can people pay for additional products by Credit Card or do Lay-Buy?

A:  Yes, they can pay directly through their online gallery with Credit Card, via PayPal  (a PayPal account isn't required to use it - they just check out as a guest).  Lay-Buy is also available upon request and can be tailored to meet their budget (products will not be handed over until final payment has been made).

Q:  When will families receive their order?

A:  The galleries are active for two weeks from the date they are emailed out. This will allow plenty of time for people to decide on and order photos.  Digital orders can be downloaded immediately from the online gallery, after payment has been made.  A bulk order of printed products will be made the day after all online galleries (from the same fundraiser) expire.  Printed products will be dropped off to your organisation for people to collect (unless they have chosen to get them posted) within three weeks of the galleries expiring. An email will be sent out to let families know when they are ready for collection.

Q:  Are digitals provided on USB?
A:  With the constant evolving technology and newer laptops doing away with USB ports, digitals are supplied via digital download.  Digitals are downloaded directly to their computer or device immediately - no need to wait for a USB to print and share photos.

Q:  Can print orders be posted?
A:  Yes, there is an option to pay for postage upon checkout.

Q:  Who is able to book/participate in a session?

A:  Anyone and everyone are welcome.  These sessions are suitable for anyone including family, children, pets (if you allow pets at your venue), couples, siblings, and maternity.  Sessions are recommended for children that are 3 months and up, as newborns usually require more time and gentler handling which is more suitable for a private session.  If families are wanting to capture extended family, booking additional sessions back to back is advisable.

Q:  Do you supply props?
A:  A small number of 'props' are provided and are ever-evolving.  The collection is an eclectic mix of chairs, blankets, hair accessories plus more... but simple is often better.  The emphasis needs to be on the people and faces, rather than props.  Families are encouraged to bring an item that is special to them or their children, whether that be a family heirloom or just a favourite toy/blanket - this means their session will be to unique to them.  The exception for simplicity is Christmas.  Extra Christmassy props are available around the festive season, so those wanting a Christmas theme can add them to their photos. 

Q:  Do you do private sessions and/or Kindy photos?

A:  Yes!  Head on over to                                          for more information or email

If you have any other questions, please get in touch via the                        or email

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