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Q:  What do I get for my $20?

A:  You get a 15 minute photo session plus your choice of 1 High Res Digital Image (suitable for sharing and printing).

Q:  What days and times do you have available for fundraising photos?

A:  Sessions are between 9.30am - 12.30pm & 1pm - 4.30pm and usually take place on Weekends.

Q:  Where do the sessions take place?

A:  At the organisations location or at a location provided by the organisation - so please check the address on the flyer.  A portable studio is set up on location.

Q:  How do I book and pay?

A:  Lulla Bug Photography will do the bookings online, via the website.  Payments will be way of Bank Transfer to  Lulla Bug Photography which is then transferred to organisation raising funds once the full amount has been raised.  Once you have booked online, you will get an automatic reply email with your booking details and a further email with the payment details (please double-check your spam/junk folder if you haven't received them).  If payment hasn't been made within 72 hours, your time slot will be made available again. You will receive a notification if your booking has been cancelled.

Q:  Who receives the $20 Session Fee?
A:  The full $20 is retained by the organisation raising funds.

Q:  Does the organisation get any commission from additional sales?

A:  If the additional sales exceed $1000 the organisation will receive 10% of the total sales.


Q:  How do I find a fundraiser to book in?
A:  Sign up to the mailing list (at the bottom of this page) and you will get advance notice of upcoming fundraisers, keep an eye on the                                                  for updates or  

Q:  Do we need to make another appointment to choose our photos?

A:  No.  You will be able to choose your photo(s) via an online gallery that will be sent directly to your email address.  Additional products can be purchased directly from the online gallery. You are welcome to pass on gallery details to any family members (e.g. Grandparents) so they can place their own order - making it so much easier than you having to go back and forth taking orders!

Q:  How long before I get to see the photos?

A:  Your online gallery will be ready within 3-4 weeks of your session date.  Everyone participating in the same fundraiser will receive their gallery at the same time. An email will be sent to you advising of your gallery details.  A post will also be made on the                                                  once the galleries have been emailed out.  Please double check your spam/junk folder.

Q:  How do I receive my 'free' digital image?

A:  Once you have decided on your free digital image, send an email through to stating the file name of your chosen image.  Your digital image will be emailed to you within 48 hours.


Q:  What if I decide I would like more than one photo?
A:  You will have the option to purchase more photos from your online gallery, should you wish to but there is no obligation to do so. 

Q: Do I get a $20 discount if I choose the full gallery of digitals?
A:  No, the price for the full gallery of images takes into account the $20 you have already paid.

Q:  How long can have I got to view my gallery and make purchases?

A:  The gallery is available for two weeks from the date you are emailed with your link. 

Q:  Can I pay for additional products by Credit Card or do Lay-Buy?

A:  Yes, you can pay directly through the online gallery with Credit Card, via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account to use it - just check out as a guest).  Lay-Buy is also available upon request and can be tailored to your budget (products will not be handed over until final payment has been made).

Q:  When will I receive my order?

A:  Your gallery is active for two weeks from the date you receive your email with the link to your gallery. This will give you plenty of time to decide and order your photos.  Digital orders can be downloaded immediately after you have made payment from your online gallery.  A bulk order of printed products will be made the day after all galleries from the same fundraiser expire.  Printed products will be ready for collection (or will be posted) within three weeks of your gallery expiring.

Q:  Do I get my digitals on USB?
A:  With the constant evolving technology and newer laptops doing away with USB ports, digitals are supplied via digital download.  You can download them directly to your computer or device immediately - no need to wait for a USB to print and share your photos.  They will be downloaded in a ZIP file - you may need zip unlock software to access the files.  Save your digitals in at least three different places to ensure they backed up and secure.

Q:  Can I get my print order delivered to my home?
A:  Yes, there is an option to pay for postage when you checkout.

Q:  Where do I collect my print order?
A:  The bulk print order will be dropped off to the kindy or organisation where the fundraiser took place.  An email or text will be sent out to let you know when they are ready for collection.

Q:  I forgot to order my photos before my gallery expired, can I still order my photos?
A:  If you don't order within the two week period, a $25 re-activation fee or a minimum order amount of $30 will apply.  

Q:  Why is there a re-activation fee?
A:  This covers extra admin time and any additional costs incurred for storage and/or postage for printed products, as a bulk order is made the day after the expiry of the galleries to minimise costs to clients.  Please do get in contact if you require your gallery extending or re-activating to discuss options.

Q:  Who is able to book/participate in a session?

A:  Anyone is welcome and open to all.  These sessions are suitable for anyone including family, children, pets (if allowed at the venue), couples, siblings and maternity.  Sessions are recommended for children that are 3 months and up, as newborns usually require more time and gentler handling which is more suitable for a private session.  If you are wanting to capture extended family, consider booking additional sessions back to back.

Q:  Do you supply props?
A:  A small number of 'props' are provided and is ever evolving.  The collection is an eclectic mix of chairs, blankets, hair accessories plus more... but simple is often better.  The emphasis needs to be on the people and faces, rather than props.  Please do bring an item that is special to you or your children, whether that be a family heirloom or just a favourite toy/blanket - this means your session will be to unique to you.  The exception for simplicity is Christmas.  Extra Christmassy props are available around the festive season, so those wanting a Christmas theme can add them in to the photos. 

Q:  Do you have any recommendations for what clothes to wear for the session?
A:  The most important thing is to be comfortable and to feel good in what you are wearing.  However, it's great to avoid logos or large prints, as it can sometimes be distracting in a photo.  Being co-ordinated looks great but try not to be too matchy-matchy, as it can end up looking dated.  If your child is adamant they want to wear something, let them wear it - they will be much happier and the session will go more smoothly.  This may sound like a simple thing but make sure your clothes are clean, check for any marks before wearing.

If you would like some ideas or inspiration for what to wear  

Q:  What happens if my child isn't happy, is shy or doesn't want their photo taken?
A:  Most of the time a smile can be coaxed out of a child at some stage through the photoshoot, however, there will be times when the child is in a serious mood, or unhappy and there is nothing that can be done to change that, especially in the short time frame. Generally, if the parents are relaxed, it makes the child(ren) relaxed. Parents may be required to act a little silly to make their child laugh but no one will see you, so don't worry!  It is better for the photos if there isn't a lot of people trying to get the child's attention all at once, as this can be very overwhelming for the child.  Bribery is also an excellent motivator!
Sometimes, these sorts of short sessions aren't suitable for some children as they need time to relax and trust this strange person pointing a camera at them - this is when booking a private session may be the best option.

Q:  I hate having my photo taken and always look awful in photos, can you photoshop me?
A:  This is totally normal, not many people do enjoy having their photos taken, but it's important for you to be present in the photos too, this is for your kids and grandkids in the future.  You'll be made to feel comfortable and will be photographed in a way to flatter you. The best advice is to breathe, relax and enjoy interacting with your family - that way genuine interactions can be captured.  Photoshop work is available if you still feel you require it, however this will be charged out as an extra fee.  Email to discuss pricing for additional photoshop work.

Q:  My high strength prescription glasses make my eyes look distorted, can you fix this in Photoshop for me?

A:  Possibly.  It's actually very time consuming to do this, so would incur an extra charge.  I would also need to know in advance of your session that this is something you were conscious of, so I can make sure to get a photo of you without your glasses on too.  Otherwise, we can just do the whole session without your glasses.   

Q:  My child has a bruise/scar/spot/sore/food/boogers on their face, can you photoshop it out for me?

A:  Every photo in your gallery has been edited.  However, removal of items from photos take much longer and generally not done in the initial edit.  These can be edited out for an additional fee.  Email to discuss pricing for additional photoshop work.

You can't really avoid bruises, scars, spots etc. and it often adds to more memories to the image.  However, you can ensure your child does have a nice clean face - wipe any food crumbs off before the session and if they have a snotty nose, feel free to wipe them away throughout the session.

Q:  Do you do private sessions?

A:  Yes!  Head on over to                                             for more personalised sessions or email 

Q:  Can I take photos with my phone during the session?
A:  No photos are allowed.  It is very distracting for both the subjects and the photographer.  In fact, pop your mobile away for the 15 minute session.

Q:  What if I miss or can't make the session I have booked and paid for?
A:  If we are able to re-book your session and fill your spot, you will be entitled to a refund. If we cannot fill your spot, the $20 will be donated to the organisation.

Q:  I need to raise funds for my own kindy/organisation, how do I book you?
A:  Awesome!  Send a message via my                               and let's get the process rolling.


If you have any other questions, please get in touch via the                           or email

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