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Autumn in the Winter Garden

Oh, how I have a soft spot in my heart for these two. Emilia is my daughters best friend and has been since the day Frankie started at kindy three years ago. I have photographed Emilia a few times now and apparently I am the only one who is allowed to photograph her now - too cute!

There is now Luca, her little brother who is doted on by Emilia. They are both the most gorgeous kids - I mean look at them! Luca was just about to turn one in these photos and it was a cold day in Autumn, so Luca wasn't overly happy being outdoors. However, we had a back up plan to use the Dunedin Winter Garden as a location. He soon cheered up in the warmth and also finding a puddle to sit and splash in.

I think at least once in your life you have to have photos done in Autumn....So beautiful....

Dunedin Family & Child Photographer. Autumn.

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