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It'll be cheaper to print my photos myself.

How often have you told yourself that you should print those photos from that photo session you did? Maybe make an album, get some framed prints on the wall, a canvas perhaps? It'll be cheaper to do it yourself, so you'll do it someday....... how long ago was that?

I totally get it. I am the worst. I REALLY need to print and make albums etc. etc. of my kids and family....... it's out of control......and now it's a mammoth task that is daunting to even start to tackle.....

The only proper album I have is the one made by the photographer I had my maternity photos taken by. And it's awesome that I don't have to worry about ticking that off the list. It's done. Did it cost more than if I did it myself? Yup. Was it worth paying extra for someone else to to if for me? Yup. Why? Because it's done, it takes that burden off me. I don't need to worry if my hard drive fails or I manage to lose my digitals (so easily done, even easier than you may imagine) and I get to enjoy the album with my kids. They love looking through photo albums. It is so fascinating for them, so many questions......

I absolutely offer the service of a personally designed, high quality, beautiful album or book. I use Queensberry, an NZ company making amazing printed things..... things that will last and stand the test of time. It is worth the investment.

Have a look at one of the recent Q Books I made for a client. SO gorgeous.

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