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All about the BOY

Another newborn session from back in March 2019. How gorgeous are all these boys? I love how much the older boys are doting on their youngest brother - you know they are all going to cause mischief but goodness aren't they going to be each others biggest protectors too.

There are many good reasons for having your newborn session done in your own home, including not having to pack up the tonne of stuff you need to get bubs out of the house (plus any other kids you may have in tow) - everything you need is right there. If you're feeding, you don't have to stop to get to your session on time. You and your family are generally more comfortable and relaxed in your own home - siblings can go off to play in their room when they have had enough, to name but a few....

BUT the very best reason (I think) to have newborn photos done in your home is that your session is unique, a one off - they won't look the same as anyone else's photos because your home tells more of your story, your personality. It's real.

Dunedin Newborn Lifestyle Photographer

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